The crypto market is filled with scams, last year (2021) scammers stole around 14 billion dollars worth of funds. At veSwap, our first and foremost priority is security. As a result, we are implementing all security measures to minimize and mitigate the security risk posed by external as well as internal sources. We will be implementing the following security measures:


A MultiSignature Authentication System, or multi-sig for short, is an innovative signature process where any smart contract execution needs approvals from multiple people. This will prevent from rogue individuals altering the veSwap contracts and/or withdrawing funds. This will also prevent in case one of wallet is compromised/lost.
Any Contract that holds user funds, will be protected with a 3/4 multi-sig, which means that for every transaction or contract change, at least 3 signatures are needed. The signatories will include team members, advisors, and community representatives.


veSwap is inspired and forked from Solidly's audited smart contracts, with additional upgrades. The main differences between Solidly's original code and veSwap code is the tokenomics and how emissions are deployed.


veSwap Team plan to KYC individuals who will be part of the multisig, and or have admin access to any of the smart contracts. We plan on getting RUG DOC/ Assure KYC or any other such KYC.