veBoost will be to veSwap, what convex is to curve. VeBoost protocol will be created to optimize yield, voting power, and liquidity provisioning on veSwap. Those who will wish to lock VESW (native token of veSwap), will earn a larger share of trading fees and rewards, as well as a share of boosted VESW emissions received by liquidity providers in exchange for you providing boost to the protocol.
If you wish to be a liquidity provider, veBoost will increase your yield by providing boosted VESW rewards without having to lock VESW for several years, as well as additional VEBT (native token of veBoost) rewards.
If you wish to maximize voting power and influence over VESW emissions and gauges, veBoost will ensure that veVESW is always max locked in order to maximize voting power. This influence is then controlled through the VEBT token which can be locked for up to 16 weeks and earn additional rewards. More details regarding veBoost will be shared later.