VESW Emissions

Emission Rate

The initial supply of $VESW is 100M. The distribution is covered in the Initial Tokenomics
Weekly emissions start at 10M $VESW (10% of the initial supply) and decays at 1% per week.
ve Lockers receive a percentage of emission to prevent dilution of their voting powers. Total weekly emission to ve Lockers can be calculated as
Emission(veLockers)=Weekly Emission  (Total ve Locked)3(Total VESW Supply)30.5Emission(ve Lockers) = Weekly \ Emission \ * \ \frac {(Total \ ve \ Locked )^3 } {(Total\ VESW\ Supply)^3 } * 0.5
3 percent of the weekly emission will flow to the treasury, which will be used for protocol expenses and continuous protocol development.
2 percent of the weekly emission will be distributed among Neon NFT holders. More details will be shared on this later.